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Open Your Heart



Plot Outline:

"Open Your Heart" is a campaign designed to target young adults and provide awareness for 'healthy hearts' via the use of online fundraising, social media trends, and viral cross promotion.





All Genres:

Short, Music


Bella ThorneHerself
Anne WintersHerself
Courtney HopeHerself - Courtney Hope
Grace Victoria CoxHerself
Beau WirickHimself - Beau Wirick
Hutch DanoHimself
Kara RoysterHerself - Kara Royster
Stevie Lynn JonesHerself - Stevie Lynn Jones
Gatlin Kate JamesHerself - Gatlin Green
Sloane AveryHerself - Sloane Avery
Kato KaelinHimself - Kato Kalin
Josh SussmanHimself - Josh Sussman
Titus Makin Jr.Himself - Titus Makin Jr.
Micah HauptmanHimself - Micah Hauptman
Steve Rankin
Michael Taber
Linc HandHimself - Linc Hand
Lindsay BushmanHerself - Lindsay Bushman
Curt MegaHimself - Curt Mega
Austin JamesHimself - Austin James
Josh PafchekHimself - Robert J. Pafchek
Alexander WalshHimself - Alexander Walsh
Pamela ChanHerself - Pamela Chan
Mark DaughertyHimself - Mark Daugherty
Ellen GersteinHerself
Asjha CooperHerself - Asjha Cooper
Maynor Alvarado
Cooper GreenHimself - Cooper Green
Brooke ColemanHerself - Brooke Coleman
Maria Elena InfantinoHerself - Maria Elena Infantino
Mark HolzumHimself - Mark Holzum
Jesica RozenwaldHerself - Jesica Rozenwald
Jay ReevesHimself - Jay Reeves
Carlos Antonio LeónHimself - Carlos Antonio Leon
Emily BrooksHerself - Emily Brooks
Hollie CavanaghHerself
Brooke Lynn HowardHerself - Brooke Lynn Howard
Asa Hope
Stacey AlfanoHerself - Stacey Hicks
Devyn Smith
Liz KummerHerself - Liz Kummer
Michelle FowlerHerself
Sophie Green
J.W. CuddHimself - J.W. Cudd
Aaron KellimHimself - Aaron Kellim
Jacqueline SherrardHerself - Jaqueline Sherrard
Casey MasamitsuHerself
Carlyn AttmanHerself - Carlyn Attman
Miguel Angel Valenzuela MoralesHimself
Madison WieslerHerself - Madison Wiesler
Myles McGeeHimself - Myles McGee
Samantha AurelioHerself - Samantha Aurelio
Britta Joy OlsenHerself - Britta Joy Olsen
Michaela PutalaHerself - Michaela Putala
Bryana DelaneyHerself - Bryana Delaney
Chana LiseHerself - Chana Lise
Melody McCuneHerself - Melody McCune
Christina PhillipsHerself
Kristin KellimHerself - Kristin Kellim
Rebecca WatsonHerself - Rebecca Watson
Kasee LautourHerself - Kasee Lautour